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The Tax/VAT within the European Union is 19%.

If you have a valid EUROPEAN TAX ID please contact us with your ID nummber and we will provide you with a discount code for your order.

For orders outside the EU:

There will be no taxes for orders from ouside the EU.

Import taxes might apply to your order according to your country import laws and taxes, please check before you buy!

Import taxes for your country can be checked at http://www.dutycalculator.com/ 
Please use Germany as destination and furniture of non tropical wood as product category. 

Countries1-7kg7-14 kg14-20 kg20-26 kg26-30 kg30-34 kg34-40 kg40-5050-6060-70



Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherland,
Czech Republic


Denmark, Finnland, France, Austria, Polen, Sweden, Slowakia, Slovenia, Great Britain


Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, 
Romania, Hungary


Greece, Ireland, Italy, 
Portugal, Spain
29€34€ 39€45€49€55€65€79€89€99€

Norway, Swizerland


29€ 35€ 43€55€59€65€75€85€95€108€

Non EU8-10 kg10-12 kg12-14 kg14-16 kg16-18 kg18-20 kg20-30 kg30-40 kg40-50 kg

Canada, Mexico, Turkey, USA 

China, Hongkong, India, Japan, 
Singapur, Taiwan 


Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, 
Israel, Katar, Columbien, New Zealand, 
Saudi-Arabia, Südkorea, United Arab Emirates