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folding doors 220

134,45 € excl. shipping

Folding doors for SPLIT & SPLITTER are available in different colors. One set of folding doors covers one shelf compartment completely at the front side.

Color : 

The folding doors of SPLIT & SPLITTER can be attached to each shelf compartment. One set of folding doors consists of shelf boards which are suitable for sliding doors. These shelf boards are provided in the correct amount, and won't be delivered extra to the shelving system.

The Set consists of folding doors and the needed amount of shelf boards. side panels and back panels for SPLIT have to be purchased extra. This enables you to decide whether the compartments of the shelf should be closed or separated completely, or not.

Just select the desired additional components

Here you'll find all the additional components for split, just select them and put the required amount of them into the shopping cart:

low side panels

low side panels

deliverytime3 weeks
designKorad Lohöfenet
Width37,5 cm
height21,5 cm
depth1,9 cm
materialwood lacquered


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